application process

Having our dogs’ best interest in mind, we certify that they are going to a safe home and will be properly cared for by requiring commitment in the form of an application and home visit with the adopting parents.

Step 1 - Are you ready?

Adoption is a big decision, and adopting a pet is a life changing commitment. We like to offer this helpful questionnaire to ensure you've thought about it from all angles before applying. 

Pre-Adoption Checklist

Step 2 - Meet our pups

Take a look at our pups on the website: Meet Our Pups

Step 3 - Schedule a visit

Adoption Fee: $120

​All pups have veterinary appointments upon their arrival to measure their health and ensure they are neutered or spayed and properly vaccinated. ​The fee helps covers a small portion of the total cost of care.

Out-of-state Applicants

​We do work with groups that offer travel services and accompany our furry friends when they need to travel long distances to their new home.

Call or email us, and we'll set a date and time for you to come out the facilities and meet us and your potential furry family member.

Step 4 - Fill out an application

If you are ready to take the next step, then you'll fill out an adoption form, and we'll review your application.

Download Adoption Application

Step 5 - Home visit

If everything goes smoothly with your application, we'll schedule a home visit to check out our furry friend's potential new home and see how they interact with the environment and other family members or pets.