Meet our pack


Sex: Male

Age: Min 4yrs

Size: Medium, 50lbs

Breed: Pit mix

Color: Brown with white

Micro-chipped: Yes

Neutered/Spayed: Yes

House trained: Yes

Child-friendly: Yes

Cat-friendly: Unknown

Dog-friendly: Yes

Other Pets: Unknown

Stranger-friendly: Yes

Exercise needs: Average to high

HomeAgain Microchip #:

985 112 006 532 063

Medication: Monthly Trifexis; Weaning off steroids

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The Tale of CHARLIE

Charlie loves to play. When you play fetch with him, you see his eyes get crazy with joy, and he’s on top of the world. He keeps up his toned physique by staying busy, but when it’s time to cool down, he’s ready for belly rubs and all the love you can muster. His soulful eyes and cute perky ears love being inside and spending time with you. When he gets bored or anxious, he's been known to scale a 6ft fence and start to chew on the things around him. This led to an emergency tummy surgery where we saw some inflammation that might be early stages of IBD, so we keep an eye out for other symptoms. He's  got some battle scars from two fence fighting incidents that he didn't instigate.